Bring the 3D movie experience right to your home with 3D HD TVs. Enjoy your favorite films in larger-than-life 3D via compatible Blu-ray players. Immerse yourself in 3D gaming with your Play Station Slim or Wii. Bring your Dallas home entertainment system to life with a great 3D HD TV.

3D HD TVs Enhance Your Viewing Experience

3D HD TVs improve your viewing experience no matter what you’re doing. Whether watching 3D movies, playing your favorite video game, or watching television, a good 3D TV dramatically changes the way you view your Dallas home entertainment system. With the 3D HD TVs we sell at Advanced Home Theater, you get an HDTV that also delivers the 2D content you already enjoy. Don’t wait to get your very own 3D HD TV. Your world will come alive.

Active vs. Passive 3D HD TV Options

3D TV technology comes down to two different ways of producing 3D: active or passive 3D. Active 3D technology features glasses that use liquid crystal shutters. These glasses require batteries to use, and must be synced with the TV —  an extra step some people accept for the preferred Active 3D picture quality. Active 3D technology doesn’t produce the jagged-edge artifacts and line structures that come with passive displays. Active 3D also works with a wider viewing angle than passive 3D that some argue produces a better picture overall.

Passive 3D TVs have benefits too. Passive 3D technology produces brighter images than Active 3D, making passive 3D a better choice for brightly-lit rooms. Passive 3D glasses are lower-maintenance; there’s no need to sync them with the TV or replace the batteries. Some families with kids prefer passive 3D because it’s easy and inexpensive to replace the glasses, and children are more likely to be viewing during the day or in brightly-lit settings.

Both Active 3D HD TVs and passive 3D HD TVs have benefits. The best 3D TV for your family depends on how you’ll use it, and what’s most important to you in the 3D viewing experience. Advanced Home Theater’s staff is happy to evaluate the best TV and system for you. Call us at 469-656-4804 today.

Advance Home Theaters Experts Meet Your Dallas 3D HD TV Needs

Advanced Home Theater carries all of the top 3D HD TVs from Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, and VIZIO. We offer the latest 3D HD TVs that also feature great 2D viewing for conventional video sources. For outstanding prices on 3D HD TVs and excellent service in Dallas, look no further than Advanced Home Theater. Call 469-656-4804 today.