LCD TVs are versatile televisions for your Dallas family’s viewing pleasure. They offer great flexibility for room configurations and viewing styles, and provide a far better viewing experience than traditional television sets. 

What You Need to Know about LCD TVs

LCD TVs and Lighting

LCD TVs do well no matter what the lighting in your home is like. A brightly lit room won’t make it hard to see the picture on an LCD TV, nor will a dark room cause a glare on your screen. With an LCD TV, you don’t have to turn out the lights to get excellent viewing quality. The technology in an LCD TV makes it a versatile choice for rooms with dramatic changes in lighting conditions.

Viewing Angles and Dot Pitch

A huge advantage of LCD TVs is that you can view them from anywhere in a room. They have up to a 160-degree viewing angle. As a result, you get a great picture when viewing your television from any point 80 degrees in either direction from the center of the display. This versatile viewing angle makes an LCD TV a good choice for a family room or any room configuration where viewers may be spread out across a wide area in front of the television.

Dot pitch is the distance between subpixels of the same color that are next to each other in pixel triads. When dots are closer to each other, the dot pitch is a smaller number, and the resolution is sharper and more detailed. Higher dot pitches, however, improve the viewing angles of LCD panels. Smaller dot pitches sharpen images. The balance is important. For optimal results, you want a dot pitch of .28mm or better.

No Scan Lines

LCD TVs don’t have scan lines like conventional television sets. LCD TVs eliminate scan lines by giving each subpixel its own transistor electrode – resulting in a smooth, evenly-lit image across the entire display.

Outstanding Picture Quality

LCD TVs offer a colorful picture with a wide view. The blacks aren’t as black as a Plasma TV, which has some impact on the overall color, but the versatility of the LCD TVs makes it preferable in some applications.

Choose Advanced Home Theater for your Dallas LCD TV

Advanced Home Theater sells all the top brands of LCD TVs. We sell Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, and Panasonic. LCD TVs offer a lot of advantages, and their technology makes them an extremely versatile option for a wide range of room setups and home entertainment configurations.

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