Top-of-the-line DACs

For the serious audiophile, nothing allows for greater clarity, detail, and sonic realism than an independent DAC.

Everything electronic that produces sound needs a DAC — most devices have them built in — but separate units provide unparalleled audio fidelity and control.

Advanced Home Theater offers a full range of home theater-compatible DACs, including the revolutionary Da Vinci from Lightharmonic, the first true bit-perfect 384K asynchronous DAC that uses USB 2.0 technology — playing music that’s been described as “lively, detailed, and fresh” and “phenomenally rich.”

Professional installation

Advanced Home Theater technicians are manufacturer-certified in all the major brands to give you proven expert service and make your home installation a breeze. Let our experts with years of experience take away the complication and set up everything for you: We ensure the entire home theater installation process is overseen to the highest possible quality and safety standards.

No matter your audio needs, Advanced Home Theater has the latest technology to make your dream home theater a reality. Call (469) 656-4804 to explore your home theater options today.