Plasma TVs are a great way to enjoy your favorite sporting event and movies in Dallas. Invite your friends over for the big game or to watch your favorite new Blu-ray on your Plasma TV. Advances in technology mean that Plasma TVs aren’t out of the reach of the everyday consumer; price decreases over the last ten years and the advantages make them worth a look.

Plasmas TVs Advantages

Plasma TVs are the fastest selling television on the market. Advanced Home Theater meets this demand selling Hitachi, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony brands. We recommend Plasma TVs to discerning buyers who want:

  • Exceptional color: Get a lifelike picture with Plasma TVs.
  • High resolution: Our Plasma TVs produce 720p or 1080i pictures.
  • Slim, lightweight design: People love thin Plasma TVs – sometimes only a few inches thick and weighing only 50 to 80 pounds. Plasma TVs save space in your home, and can be placed in areas where other types of TVs would not normally fit.
  • Aesthetic appeal. The modern look, thin profile, and flexible placement allow plasma TV’s to fit more organically and pleasingly into your home.

Affordable Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs are now affordable. Advances in technology mean that Plasma TVs are manufactured at lower costs than prior generations of the technology – and we pass on those cost savings to you. With all these advantages, don’t hesitate purchasing a Plasma TV from Advanced Home Theater today. Call us at 469.656.4804.

Get A Better Viewing Experience With a Plasma TV

Double the Resolution. Some of our Plasma TVs come with a built in line doubler, doubling the resolution of conventional TV signals. This makes the image from your television a lot better, improving viewing quality when your source is not a DVD or Blu-ray.

Perfect Aspect Ratio. Plasma TVs offer a perfect aspect ratio of 16:9, allowing you to view HDTV signals in their original size. This translates directly to better viewing quality.

Come talk to the experienced staff at Advanced Home Theater to find out how Plasma TVs can enhance your viewing experience at home.

Why Buy from Advanced Home Theater?

For outstanding Plasma TVs from the best brands in Dallas, Advanced Home Theater is the perfect solution. Our experienced staff helps you find the perfect setup for your home viewing habits, and we’ll pair you with the best Plasma TV based on the features that are most important to your family. Budgets aren’t the enemy, either – with the lowest priced Plasma TVs in Dallas, Advanced Home Theater helps you find your next Plasma TV. Call us at 469.656.4804.