Surround sound systems are key to taking your home entertainment experience from dull to Dallas dynamite. With a good surround sound system, explosions come to life, gunshots sound like they’re right in your home, and nature settings transport your family to a tropical paradise of flora and fauna. Don’t underrate sound when it comes to building a home theater system to fully enjoy the latest number one hit – or your favorite new movie.

We help you find the best surround sound systems on the market. TV speakers just don’t do the trick for the total viewing experience. No matter what equipment you are looking for, Advanced Home Theater in Dallas helps you find the surround sound system that is perfect for your needs. Call us at 469.656.4804.

To give you an example of what’s out there, these are a few of our top surround sound systems:

Cambridge Audio Minx S315

This surround sound system may not be cheap, but, in terms of sound, it’s one of the best. The Cambridge Audio Minx S315 system offers high quality design, and the compact style is great for households that don’t want to give up a lot of space in the entertainment cabinet. This surround sound system is no bigger than a can of soda, and it comes in luxurious gloss-black finish to complement home entertainment setups. Surround sound systems don’t get much better than the Cambridge Audio Minx 315, which fills the room with high quality sound. Minx is an excellent choice for the money.

Jamo A 101 HCS 5

The Jamo A 101 is another excellent choice in surround sound systems. It’s not as chic as the Cambridge Audio, but it’s a more budget-friendly home entertainment option. Jamo is a Danish brand whose sound has surpassed many of the more expensive brands on the market. This makes the Jamo A 101 HCS 5 one of the best deals on the market. If you are budget-conscious, the Jamo A 101 is a great choice without sacrificing too much sound quality.

Advanced Home Theater is Your Source for Surround Sound Systems and Installs

Advanced Home Theater Dallas is your source for superior surround sound systems and installations at reasonable prices. We provide customers with superior equipment all over the greater Dallas area. Whatever you’re looking for in a surround sound system, our expert staff helps you get it. We work with you to find the best surround sound system for your needs in Dallas. Call us at 469.656.4804.