Certified Installers

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crestron-logo Advanced Home Theater Systems believes in not only maintaining, but also continually upgrading the skill set of its team. We achieve this objective by sending team members to as many factory training and certification programs as possible. This includes those provided by Cedia, Crestron, Denon, Imaging Science Foundation, Lucasfilm THX and Runco to name a few.

Unlike some other dealers, we handle system design and programming in-house. We maintain a team that includes “Crestron Certified Programmer” and “Digital Media Certified Designer/Engineer”. A Crestron certified programmer holds the highest respect in the industry, due to the rigorous training, extensive experience, and stringent testing required before achieving “Crestron Certified” status. In order to help Crestron certified programmers stay up-to-date, each year Crestron offers exclusive and specialized follow-up training for Crestron certified programmers. Additionally, the DMC-T-4K Certification, provided by Crestron, is a rigorous program that details every aspect of system installation and troubleshooting. Only a DMC-E-4K certified technician is qualified to fully support a DM project focusing on system setup, diagnostics, testing, and reporting. Advanced Home Theater Systems is proud to have this level of technical expertise in-house.

ISF-logo Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), founded in 1994 is focused on delivering superior image quality with HDTV calibration. With improvements like:

  • 3D color management utilities
  • multiple video processing engines
  • multiple point RGB Gamma options
  • HDMI/HDCP/EEDID test capability

and many other multiple 21st century advances, ISF provides a comprehensive curriculum in their program. ISF certified technicians have a solid knowledge of the end-to-end process for video calibration, applicable to all display technologies including HDTV’s and front projection systems. We have obtained certification because we are driven to deliver the best possible viewing experience for our clients.