AV Components

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Picture-015-300x199 You can get a lot more out of your custom home theater by having us install the right kinds of AV components. We work with some of the biggest names in the AV industry in order to supply you with the best.


Marantz started in the 1950s with founder Saul Marantz, who revolutionized hi-fi equipment in his basement and later worked with visionary engineers to create high quality preamplifiers and power amplifiers. Today the company offers an array of audio/video components to complete a custom home theater system, including: A/V separates, wireless music systems, A/V receivers, Blu-Ray players, hi-fi components, amplifiers, CD players, and turntables. “Because Music Matters” is the Marantz motto.

Halo by Parasound

Paraound offers high-end audio and recording equipment used by movie and recording studios. In fact, Parasound is the only audio and video brand with screen credits in Star Wars Episode I, Episode II and Episode III. Parasound’s Halo product line has received many favorable reviews and awards by notable audio publications. Perfect for home theaters, the sleek line includes: CD players, power amplifiers, preamplifiers, multichannel amplifiers, and mono and stereo amplifiers.


Esoteric is a global provider of high-end audio and video components, including: audio players, transports, master clock generators, D/A converters, and amplifiers. Esoteric products utilize high-precision mechanisms and other new technology to deliver consistently superior audio quality. Esoteric products have received favorable reviews in major audio publications for over ten years. The company works with a number of dealers to distribute products all over the world.


Crestron is a leading provider of audio/video solutions and home automation products. Crestron’s home theater equipment includes: home entertainment systems, amplifiers, and surround sound speakers. In addition to audio and video equipment, Crestron provides a number of home automation solutions, such as lighting and climate controls, to make their customers’ home theaters a site of ultimate convenience and comfort.


Japanese brand Denon offers a number of high quality audio/video products, including: complete home theater systems, audio components, headphones, A/V solutions, wireless music systems, and iPod docks. Denon has been internationally recognized for its products, and for the pioneering the commercialization of pulse-code modulation (PCM) digital audio, which made the company pivotal in the early stages of digital audio. Denon products are distributed to many places in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


Sony Corporation is one of Japan’s best-known technology brands and a global leader in electronics products, including: computers, televisions, mobile phones and tablets, home audio, and personal audio equipment. Sony offers an array of products for home theater systems — sound bars, surround sound speakers, A/V receivers, projectors, televisions, and Blu-Ray players — that range in price to meet any budget.