Audio/Video Furniture

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Bass Industries

room-300x199 Bass Industries is an American-made brand offering home theater furniture, movie theater accessories, and movie marketing displays. Bass’ home theater furniture offerings include: authentic movie theater seating, media room sofas and chairs, headrests, armrests, and throws. In addition to furniture, Bass offers a range of accessories that give home theaters a luxurious and authentic feel: poster frames and cases, marquees, theater and concession signage, candy display cases, lightboxes, and other digital signage.

Bell’O International

Bell’O International Corporation is an American brand established in New Jersey in 1988, and is an industry-leading provider of home theater furniture and electronic accessories. Products include: home theater seating, speaker stands and towers, TV stands and wall mounts, cable management systems, computer desks, and A/V accessory kits. Bell’O furniture is designed in a contemporary Italian style and made with high-quality materials, like real wood and leather, providing comfort and luxury to your home theater.

Billy Bags Audio/Video Furniture Design

Billy Bags has been offering high-quality A/V furniture since 1988. Billy Bags products include: TV stands, amp stands, gear racks, and AV component stands. Products are designed with a consideration for sound quality and the interaction of components. Billy Bags A/V stands and racks are made with durable materials, such as metal, glass, and high pressure laminates with waterproof finishes.


CinemaTech is a leader in high-end home theater seating and acoustic systems. CinemaTech’s home seating offerings include: luxury theater seats with motorized recline and adjustable headrests, sofas, sectionals, and swivel chairs – in the highest quality leather and suede fabrics. Seating can be customized to include multiple colors, cup holders, or custom piping. CinemaTech also offers customizable acoustic room systems that improve sound quality in home theaters and minimize distracting noises.

Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS)

Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) is an industry-leading provider of audio/video equipment and furniture, including: analog disks, chassis noise reduction equipment, isolation bases, and audio stands. HRS designs and manufactures its products with solid engineering and product development expertise. The company employs a team comprised of aerospace engineers, chemists, and skilled craftsmen to create expertly designed precision components and quality systems.