Client Testimonials

A high quality experience. Very satisfied. The entire group at Advanced Home Theater did an outstanding job. We wanted to put together a pretty extensive home entertainment system. We wanted ideas because we did not really know what to look for, and we found them to be very helpful. The work was done to a very high standard and they stuck to our budget and completed the project on time. Our project management office (PMO) was such an amazing feature to know everyday what was being done. I haven’t ever experienced this level construction and installation feedback, and now I am their number one fan for life.”
Larry F., Frisco, TX
“We wouldn’t even consider using any other company. My husband and I researched a lot before deciding on anything. There was so much to learn. We had a custom built home entertainment system made of solid Teakwood but it was not going to hold the new style TVs. We decided to see what could be done to salvage it. The team at Advanced home theater had lots of great ideas to integrate rather than pulling it all out. We did decide to upgrade our furniture with the Bell’O line. We didn’t know what kind of speakers because we only knew Bose, nothing like the Monitor Audio that peaked our interest on their suggestion. We couldn’t want to hear live and what a treat when we finally did. We knew we wanted wireless speakers and a LG TV but changed our minds when we saw the Samsung Smart TV. Samsung TV is so popular, but we were hoping for someone to be able to guide us through the lcd vs led, the apple tv, flat screen tv reviews and plasma tv and the sales staff did. They told us about the ultimate 4K tv’s and decided that was worth investing in. Advanced Home Theater taught us a lot, and made us feel comfortable every step of the way.”
Judi S., Richardson, Texas
“Awesome service, patience, technical knowledge, fun to work with, fabulous customer service I have been in the process of remodeling my home for the past 8 months, and I was contemplating purchasing a larger T.V. to mount on my wall. I knew absolutely nothing about led vs lcd tv. I started to research to find the best led tv. There was so much to know. I was told that I should consider What the apple tv program is all about. My head was spinning at the thought of everything. Samsung Smart Tv kept coming up in my research. I finally asked my son to help. He then introduced me to Advanced Home Theater because he is a friend of one of the installers. Once I met the sales team I decided on a whole home automation using the brains of Crestron. I did not think I was going to have time to make all the decisions I needed to make before I had to have unexpected surgery, but the Advanced Home Theater Team guided me through the process; and they made my home beautiful, easy to work with technically, and gave me peace of mind, knowing that when I came home I would be able to recover and all would be finished! Thank you guys and the entire AHT crew for the get-well wishes and for the awesome service you gave me with my new system! I am looking forward to doing more business with you again soon!”
Melinda G, Allen, Texas
“Advanced Home Theater has done several projects for me. I actually found them from a home theater forum that offers home theater reviews. Initially it was a setup of a new property including television with surround sound, and a small home cinema, audio and exterior speakers. I wanted it to be a wireless home theater and have the capability to grow into an iHome, and fully automated SmartHome. Since then, they’ve added flat screen, wall-mounted TVs, and satellite boxes and a surveillance system. They’re really good at response. They’re always answering the phone, they always call back, `and they’re super friendly. The AHT Team is always super nice to talk to and super knowledgeable. I knew a little bit, I’ve always been an audiophile, but I’ve learned stuff from the owners about new technology and whole house automation. I would tell potential customers to feel free to call me for a reference. They’re great at what they do. In fact, I belong to a networking group that has someone who does exactly what Advanced Home Theater does, and I still choose to use AHT.”
Gary M., Garland, Texas
“We are very pleased with Advanced Home Theater’s service and installation. Our goal was to find a company that that had a project management office because we would be travelling during our construction process. I am not sure what they rate they have to pay for their project manager salary, but he is worth every penny. I work on lots of projects, but this is the most integrated project management program I have seen lately, and their work was deserves high accolades. Advanced Home Theater’s PMO really was a stellar group. They sent us weekly updates and the goals that were met. We were given a complete instructions, first they showed us, then they gave us video instructions and written ones as well. They even had them in Spanish for our staff. Their suggestions that fit our needs perfectly and they even enhanced our knowledge by letting us know what each product was capable of. Thus, making it easy to use the products more effectively and efficiently. Great company to work with. Thank you.” Excellent job. Do I really need to elaborate on excellent???? Our Crestron system rocks!
Linda S., McKinney, Texas
“The owners were both very professional, showed up on time, finished before the announced time, cleaned after themselves. I especially loved Advanced Home Theater’s follow up visit a month later to see how happy we were with our system. Our Crestron system was so complicated and the wiring looked like Medusa’s head, but when AHT delivered the system, they made it so simple. Now, I never have to worry if anything isn’t turned off, or turned on. It is amazing and we have already noticed a drop in our energy bills.” – Highly recommended!
Dr. Michael M., Dallas, TX
“Always A Pleasure & Excellent Service the owners and their team are top notch. Away professional and timely. They stand behind the products they recommend. I had never heard of Kef Audio and I wanted my stereo system to be the best. They recommended Klipsch speakers and said that it would be integrated perfectly with iHome. They were careful with choosing my amplifier, audio speakers, and the best home theater receiver. There are so many products to consider for your entertainment centers and thankfully the owners are there to help the sales team with lots of technical expertise based on your needs, not because they are trying to meet a quota. The team at Advanced Home Theater was available when little glitches arise and I loved having the direct contact to the project manager whose entire job it is to keep everything running smoothly.” – Knowledgeable, professional, on-time, on-budget, clean-up after themselves
Rachel R., Addison, Texas
“Advanced Home Theater definitely knows what its doing. It was a pleasure to work with them. Once our home remodeling is done, we will have them back to install our Samsung Smart Tv in the main room and all the other flat-panel TVs and sound system. We are so grateful for all the guidance that they offered and never once did they make us feel uncomfortable, even when we talked money.” – It is rare you find people who are as dedicated, hardworking, fair, and honest.
Katie M., Frisco, TX
“I met the owners through a referral and I have never been more satisfied. I actually flew him and his crew to my ranch and his group did everything from wiring and installation to set up and additional maintenance before they went back on the plane. There are never any excuses, and the AHT Team is available until 10:00 at night if I need a password or any other issues. I don’t think a day as gone by that I do not show someone my remote cam, temperature, and light controls from my iPhone and the iHome products. It has been a very good experience. In fact, I plan to make changes to my residence as well and I will have them do my house in Carrollton.
I am a rancher with over 20 years of experience. I have dealt with lots of contractors and as long as Advanced Home Theater is around, I will pay their fees and employ them where I can. The owners are like the AV industry version of me. It is rare you find people who are as dedicated, hardworking, fair, and honest. – We are ecstatic, and we love the fact that while traveling anywhere in the world, when I feel like our teenagers are ruling the house and their nanny is at her wits end…we check on things.
Farrel S., Addison, TX