Dallas Home Theater Installation

Are you looking to plan a home entertainment or renovation project in the Dallas area? Advanced Home Theater has over 20 years experience designing and installing custom home entertainment systems and assisting with even the most complex home renovation projects. We offer a wide range of custom home theater installation options for Dallas residents:

  • High-end surround-sound speakers that provide unparalleled audio
  • Flat panel HDTVs and projectors for crisp picture quality
  • Adjustable lighting to recreate that real cinema atmosphere
  • Automated shades to block out incoming light
  • Temperature control to keep you comfortable whatever the season
  • Custom furniture — ranging from comfortable couches to traditional, flip-down home theater seating.

Advanced Home Theater technicians are manufacturer-certified in installing a wide variety of interior fixtures and electronic components, and they have the expertise necessary to make the most ambitious Dallas custom home theater project a reality.

Are you planning a large project? Advanced Home Theater Systems offers project management services in addition to home theater entertainment solutions. We’ve got the experience in a wide spectrum of projects — from single-room retouches to entire home remodeling — to cover all your Dallas project management needs. Let us help you reach your goal. Contact Advanced Home Theater at (469) 656-4804 to discuss your Dallas home entertainment options today.

Are you a genuine audiophile? Then you know Dolby stereo just can’t compare to a Hi-Fi surround system. We offer a variety of top-end audio components for the perfect sonic experience:

  • Audio speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • Outdoor speakers

In the old days, all audio speakers had to be connected to your audio receiver or TV cable box via a labyrinth of difficult-to-hide wires and plugs. Using new advances in wireless technology, our master technicians hide speakers and cables to create a seamless home audio experience.

Are you a sports fan? Do you want a dedicated room for catching up on all your favorite TV? Whatever kind of viewer you are, Advanced Home Theater has the screen solution for you.

Your choice of television depends on your viewing preference and budget, but HDTVs provide the best experience. HDTVs offer optimal viewing quality in terms of color quality, luminosity, and detail, and use a variety of screen technologies.

  • LED. With backlit display, these HDTVs use LED technology for optimal color and movement quality — a great, top-of-the-line option.
  • LCD. Also backlit, these devices use cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs) to illuminate liquid crystal screens. LCDs are more cost-effective than LEDs.
  • Plasma. A home theater classic, these TVs illuminate liquid crystal screens without backlighting technology — the most-budget friendly option.
  • 3D HDTV. The power of 3D technology allows images to pop out of your screen, providing an arresting entertainment experience. 3D TVs clearly display 2D images as well.

Advanced Home Theater Dallas also offers a wide variety of home projectors for those who want the real home theater experience. Let Advanced Home Theater design and install your dream entertainment experience. Call us at (469) 656-4804today.

Buried under controllers? Advanced Home Theater installs an all-in-one remote that allows you to control your entire home from one easy interface. Our manufacturer-certified installation technicians offer a variety of options to turn your residence into a smart home:

  • Lighting control, including dimming
  • Activation and audio control for your speaker systems
  • The ability to turn on, monitor or change what’s on any TV in the house
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely
  • Monitor your home’s security system from afar
  • Turn on or off anything controlled by a wall switch

Call (469) 656-4804 to discuss automating your home with an Advanced Home Theater technician today.