LED HD TVs are a great way to enhance your Dallas home entertainment system with the best high definition televisions on the market. These TVs are thinner, lighter, and offer a better viewing experience than other HD TVs. Advanced Home Theater offers the best brands of LED TVs – from Sony to Panasonic.

Budget-friendly or high-end LED HD TVs

LED televisions typically come in two types. The edge-lit LED TV features LED lights located on each corner of the television. These LED HD TVs are easier to manufacture, and, as a result, cost less. This method is used in many entry-level models allowing Advanced Home Theater to offer several excellent edge-lit LED HD TVs to fit your budget.

The other LED HD TV design features local dimming LEDs and uses more than 80 LEDs placed all over the television to create a backlight. These LEDs can be turned on and off individually. What this means for your Dallas home entertainment system is that this type of LED HD TV can create dark blacks closer to a Plasma TV style. This creates better overall color and a higher-contrast picture that doesn’t look washed-out.

Best LED TV Brands

Samsung is a leader in the LED HD TV market. Samsung was the first company to produce LED televisions for commercial use, and the first to release a 3D LED TV. Samsung’s LED HD TVs are not only affordable, but they offer an outstanding quality viewing experience that is hard to beat.

Advanced Home Theater also sells Sharp LED TVs. Sharp may not be first in the market, but it offers high quality LED TVs at affordable prices. Sharp’s Quatron technology is a unique feature that adds a yellow pixel in addition to red, green, and blue pixels. As a result, Sharp’s LED TVs produce 200 percent more color than other LED televisions. Additionally, Sharp LED HD TVs are extremely thin. The low-profile is great if you are looking to mount your TV on your living room or bedroom wall.

Sony LED TVs are focused on value. We offer many Sony LED televisions at affordable prices, such as the feature-heavy KDL-46EX700. If you are looking for your first LED TV at a low price, a Sony TV might be the perfect option. Sony also offers high-end LED TVs at reasonable prices.

Advanced Home Theater – Dallas Supplier of Affordable and High-End LED TVs

The next time you are looking for a new TV, consider buying an LED HD TV from the experts at Advanced Home Theater. These TVs offer outstanding picture quality that is hard to beat. Any home theater enthusiast in Dallas will enjoy our LED HD TVs from Samsung, Sharp, Sony, or LG. Our staff is available at 469.656.4804 to help you find the perfect LED HD TV for your budget and needs.