When thinking about home theater trends, it is no longer as simple as reading a monthly magazine on the subject. The industry changes just as fast as the technology does. Many do-it-yourselfers spend as much time trying to do the physical labor involved, or more, than determining which technology they want in their own home theater. That is great if you have the time and ability, but sometimes even a DIY may need some advice or assistance from professionals to help with installation and equipment choices.

Advanced Home Theater has the expertise to create an environment to match your needs and desires, including transitioning your house into a smart home. We have done home theater installations in Dallas, Southlake, Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and other surrounding areas. As a representative of audio and video brands across the entire spectrum of available technologies, we remain the leader in expertise among all our competitors.

Consider some of the new technology that we will be seeing a lot more of, such as 3D. Right now the best viewing is on screens larger than 40 inches. It won’t remain that way for long so you need to decide if you want to pick up on this exciting innovation now or wait until the technology is offered on other screen sizes at more affordable prices. Do you want brand new technology now or should you wait? There are advantages to both options. We will definitely help you to arrive at the decision that is best for you and your home theater.

Sound has always been a significant part of the home theater experience. The multi-channel, multi-speaker system has now been joined by ever-improving single sound bars. Many of these new audio enhancement products can have as many as 40 individual speakers contained within. As well as augmenting your surround sound needs, these versatile products can also support stand-alone audio devices like iPhones and iPods, making them better for supporting all of your many audio needs.

What do you think of when you hear “home theater”? Chances are it is the classic projector with a light that shines on a screen as big as your room can accommodate. That is what some people will always want and cherish: but the latest trend is to go for a low energy, much cooler, LED that does not diminish the clarity or color. The high definition projectors are on the pricey side but they are an interesting addition to the Advanced Home Theater team’s array of high tech products.

Finishing up our list, for now, is the increasing demand for multiple screens (two or more). It permits, depending on your set-up, divided wide-screen, multiple programs concurrently, or whatever your heart desires. The installation and programming is probably best left to experts in order to avoid wiring and program failures.

Advanced Home Theater and our professional team of audio and video technicians are more than happy to discuss your ideas, as well as provide competitive quotes on our services and the most up-to-date technological innovations available for creating the home theater that is perfect for you and your family.