The irony for many people is that when they take the time to shop for a surround sound system, they usually end up wanting to rock slowly in a quiet room hoping in vain to forget the whole experience.

There are many factors that must be considered when shopping for a surround sound system. Are you intending to use your new system primarily for music or for watching movies? How large is the room in which you are planning to install your new surround sound system? Is budget an issue?

The first thing the uninitiated learns regarding shopping for a surround sound system is that there is a language among the audiophile set. Woofers, tweeters, receivers, channels, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 are some of the terms you become conversant in by the end of your buying experience. 

Some people see the path of least resistance in an HTB (Home Theater in a Box). These all-in-one setups are tempting and ensure you won’t have to open up the Advil bottle, but more often than not the output and performance leaves the new owner unsatisfied. With HTBs, let the buyer beware.

So now that you’ve decided to build your own system rather than go down the middle of the road with an HTB, you have to know that the receiver is the nerve center of your new surround sound system. Depending on the size of the room you are setting up, you want a receiver with an audio output anywhere between 50 watts and 150 watts or more. Once your receiver has been selected, selecting your speakers is next.

It is not uncommon for your receiver to be a different brand than your speakers and subwoofer. But it is supremely important that you maintain a brand loyalty where your speakers are concerned. Matching branded speakers just work better together. Picking and choosing among different speaker setups seems tedious, but the most gratifying part of your surround sound system shopping experience is when you find the speakers that sing to you.

Way up there we talked about channels: 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1. Audio is recorded separately in channels and is filtered to you, the listener, through the speakers. Determining how many channels you require comes down to personal taste and the primary use of your surround sound system. The more channels of audio you have, the more crisp and detailed your sound.

Of course, one mustn’t recreate the wheel when shopping for a new surround sound system. The professional staff and technicians at Advanced Home Theater are experts in surround sound system selection and installation. Contact Advanced Home Theater today for your custom Dallas surround sound system: (469) 656.4804