A Kickstarter campaign started by Japanese designers HYM Original aims to deliver to the world a special creation: The vintage look and sound of a turntable combined with the superior sound quality and ease of wireless streaming. HYM Original calls their creation the Seed Turntable.

According to a June 12th Curbed article called “Retro turntable combines vintage style, wireless flexibility” by Megan Barber, the Seed Turntable features “…high-end high speakers that can play both analog and digital formats from Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and the internet. The system can also connect to other audio systems via RCA, SPDIF, and AUX in/output to form the core of a larger home theater system.”

This is awesome news for both audiophiles and design aficionados alike. The Advanced Home Theater Systems SmartHome Installation can really amp up a one-of-a kind piece like this. Our technicians are ready to outfit twenty-first century families with twenty-first century technology.

Listen to This

We use a five-step process that ensures your SmartHome Installation runs smoothly. We aren’t afraid to make recommendations, but we’re also ready to listen. After all, we work in audio! We go over:

  • design
  • writing
  • connection
  • equipment installation
  • programming.

And we know that even though some people love to brag about the technology they have in their homes, a lot of them lack any real skill beyond bragging about it. That’s because they lack the proper training. Our SmartHome Installation is not a hard system to learn, but to really achieve a smooth operating system that maximizes all its perks, training is a must. One of the best things about working with our team is that we offer a training session in the home after everything’s set-up. We offer repeated sessions until everyone in your family—or on your staff—knows how to use the system with ease.

If you want to benefit from the newest technological necessities of the modern home, contact us today for a FREE consultation about a SmartHome installation. We’re ready to hear and see you: 469-656-4804!