It’s that time of year again to start thinking about gifts for the home technology expert in your home. This year there are lots of cool and high-tech gadgets to choose from. Depending on your budget and the type of bells and whistles you’re looking for, this top five list is a great place to start.

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Your lighting must be perfect to set the right ambiance in your home. With this new suite of innovative light bulbs by Philips, your home’s lighting can be taken to the next level. The Philips Hue System is the perfect gift to instantly upgrade your home with some simple smart home technology. This easy-to-install lighting system allows you to color the color and brightness of your lights all from your phone. Change the color in your living room to achieve a romantic vibe, or brighten up the lights in your kitchen to really open up the space. These lights can also be voice controlled via Siri and other smartphone applications.

The Ring Doorbell

For the technology enthusiast who loves cool protection features, this gift is a must-get. The is a hybrid between a doorbell and a home alarm system. The camera built into the device allows you to monitor movement near your front door and enables you to see who is standing at your door, without having to go near the door. You can receive real-time notifications to your mobile device when the doorbell is pressed and can use it as a speaking device to inform visitors without stepping foot outside.

Griffin Toaster

Who said toasting can’t be a high-tech experience? The Griffin toaster is Bluetooth-enabled and with the accompanying app, you can control and monitor your food without having to hover around the toaster. We all know the pains of overheating and burning something and with this cool WiFi-enhanced toaster, those days can be in your past. This makes the perfect gift for the chef in your life who loves an added bit of convenience and technology.


Voice-activated technology is all the rave this year. And, Ecobee4 is one technology that is well worth the investment. With built-in Alexa Voice Service, you can ask your Ecobee to do a host of things like, set an alarm, read you the latest news, increase the temperature in your room and much more. Unlike other similar gadgets, Ecobee’s sensitive and long-range voice technology enables it to hear you even across the room, or through walls. When you’re not at home, your Ecobee can make sure your home is at the perfect temperature for when you walk through the door. With room sensors, your Ecobee can seamlessly manage hot or cold spots in your home in an instant.

Teptron MOVE Bluetooth Blinds Motor

Why not add a touch of technology to your window blinds and coverings? With the Teptron MOVE Bluetooth Blinds, you can instantly motorize your shades and blinds. Teptron MOVE fits on all bead-chain shades and blinds and is easy to install in minutes. Once installed, simply latch the device onto your existing chain, sync it with the Teptron MOVE app and use your smartphone to control whether your blinds are up or down. This innovative gadget also offers pre-programmed settings and can adjust throughout the day based on the light intensity and sun position.

There you have it, these are the top five home technology gifts for 2017. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your home, these five are definitely a great place to start. As always, if you need assistance with upgrading your home with smart technology, our expert installation staff are happy to help. Contact us today at 469-656-4804.