Sound options make such a big difference in your home theater. Speakers create the ability to achieve superior sound quality. But instead of just thinking of speakers that furnish your home theater with sound, think of preventing sound, too.

Yes, that sounds like a contradiction. It’s not. If you don’t put the proper elements in place, you won’t hear the proper elements.

Distracting Noises

Distracting noises…well, they distract. They do this by taking attention away from whatever you want to see and hear on the screen. It’s awful to invite a bunch of people over for a movie only to discover that the hum from a speaker interferes with a movie or the game. Guests leave and they annoyed, especially if it’s a special event like a premier or the Super Bowl.

Humming is one of the top complaints from home theater owners. The cause of that humming comes from bad grounding, no grounding, bad cables, a malfunctioning motor, or bad equipment. Sometimes it stems from remote equipment. We understand how frustrating that can be so we make sure to suggest the best solutions when we install your home theater so you don’t have to pay money to repair it. But sometimes an event occurs that causes a part of your home theater system to backfire.

Or maybe we didn’t do your original installation. (WHAT?!?)

Whatever the reason, it’s important to locate the source.

Subduing the Source

After finding the reason for the noise, we will make suggestions on how to fix it using our top of the line audio/video solutions. Our solutions include a selection of audio/video furniture from top- of-the-line brands. We know how to solve this problem for all budgets and styles. And, what’s even more surprising is that a lot of improvements can be done in a way that blends right into the décor without a lot of fuss.

Sometimes, the audio quality improves from using different outlets for your equipment. This involves knowing about safety regulations and is not something to attempt without professionals like us.

Pick Up the Phone

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We want to hear them and then we’ll solve them.