Ah, romance at the movies. There’s nothing like it… unless it’s romance at the movies you watch on your incredible home theater system. We don’t want you to be a cheap date but we must say that a home theater is quite the money saver in the long run because

  • it saves money on tickets prices
  • it saves money on concession fees
  • it saves money on parking tickets.

All around, home theaters save in ways you never dreamed of and might not want to mention to others if you don’t want to stay single.

Now, to create a viewing room that’s right for dramatic films and sweeping adventures, pay attention to the overall ambiance of your home theater style. Lighting and furniture enhance a sensual ambiance. We specialize in both.

While some people think that dark equates to better viewing, complete darkness is not the ideal setting for watching a movie. And of course, you want to sit on furniture that promotes cuddling. There’s no point in feeling like your sofa is made for one.

First, let’s look at some lighting options that will turn your home theater into an ideal viewing venue.

Practical Makes Perfect

Practical is the last thing most people think of when they think of setting a romantic mood, but not being able to see the movie or the remote spoils the mood quicker than anything. The solution to this predicament is cabinet lighting. Many home theaters feature cabinets so make use of that piece of furniture—sort of like functional art—by installing lights in it.

If your home theater consists of a design that looks like an actual movie theater, provide lighting for safety. This can be done via step or pathway. After all, it’s supposed to be a romantic movie night. If you wind up on the floor, you don’t want it to be because you tripped.

Set the Scene 

Stage lighting offers a sleek, professional way to light your home theater. It works well around the screening area by drawing attention to the set up of your screen and more. Stage lighting denotes a serious home theater owner who feels passionate about watching a good lovey-dovey flick.

Rope lighting provides one of the more affordable stylized options for lighting. This type of LED lighting comes in a variety of designs to exemplify the personal style of any home theater owner. The option also provides a range of lengths so works well in numerous spaces.

Look and Luxuriate

Quality home theaters offer a comfortable place to sit or lean back into soft leather or suede. People can enjoy motorized recline, adjustable headrests, swivel chairs, and large sofas. (Note: A sofa provides the route to romance, my home theater-owning friend!) It’s easy to include cup holders for drinks and places to set food. Waterproofing and more protective devices are easy to purchase.

Now that you know how to make your home theater the perfect romantic spot, give us a call so we can help you prepare for your big night out at home.