The moviegoing experience is often magical, and it’s never been easier to recreate in the comfort of your own home. What if you could choose your own refreshments? What if you didn’t have to be bothered by crowds? If you could take the theater experience home with you without the tedious parts, why wouldn’t you? These days, home cinemas rival the nicest movie theaters in town.

The Evolution of Home Entertainment

I’m going to throw out some terms that won’t mean anything to anyone born before 1990. Laserdisc Player. VHS VCR. DVD Player. These were the early days of bringing entertainment into the home. Each of these pieces of equipment were add-ons, meant to be connected to our 32-inch televisions. And we sat in our living rooms to watch whichever movie was brought home from the video store that night. The convenience was nice, but it never fully replaced going to the movie theater.

Aside from producing smaller formats with better quality picture and audio than its predecessor, there was nothing revolutionary about our home cinema options. The disappointment with our home theater experience and passionless acceptance of home cinema options was finally addressed in the early part of the last decade when the popularity of media rooms began to soar in new and custom home builds.

Introducing A Home Cinema

Planning your home cinema is the first step in recapturing the excitement of going to the movies with family and friends. Home cinemas are designed to be as unique as the individuals or families for whom they are built. Custom seating, lighting, sound, and projection are only a few of the aspects important to creating your Advanced Home Theater home cinema.

Working with the expert certified installers at Advanced Home Theater, your dream home cinema becomes a reality and the movie experience of your childhood is fully recreated. Except for that whole saving seats thing. That part was overrated anyway.

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